The Amy Ahlers Show

Ep. 203: Andrea Owen: How To Stop Feeling Like Shit

January 31, 2018

The Amy Ahlers Show is especially for ambitious, soulful, women that are ready to STOP being so hard on themselves, release self-bullying and embrace their Inner Wisdom.

Ready to stop feeling like poop in 2018? (Who isn't?!)

Tune in for a hilarious, soulful, inspired, truth talking conversation with Andrea Owen and Amy Ahlers all about how to stop feeling like sh * t!

You’ll discover:

-What you’re really doing when you are bragging about how busy you are

-How to deal with insanity of being a slacker vs. overachiever

-The importance of knowing and honoring your unique values

And make sure you run, don't walk, to pick up your copies of Andrea's new book at: