Mama Truth Show with my Daughter, Annabella, as my Special Guest - Celebrating a Decade of Being a Mom!

September 3, 2017

Today is my oldest daughter, Annabella’s 10th birthday. That means that I’ve been a mom for a whole decade (where does the time go?).

So for today’s show, I wanted to celebrate Annabella by interviewing her to get her perspective about life, letting go, girls in media and how she tunes into her Inner Wisdom and so much more.

Get ready for a truly unscripted conversation 🙂


Also, mamas, I’ve been getting a vision of doing some Mother & Daughter Self-Compassion Circles and Inner Wisdom Workshops. Would that interest you?

If so, join my Mother & Daughter Workshop”first to know” list here and you’ll be the…well…first to know! (


Marcilie Smith Boyle: Parenting with Positive Discipline

August 27, 2017

I love me some Positive Discipline. Since I discovered this parenting framework, it’s been my go-to for all things! Tune in for a hugely tangible and practical call with Marcilie Smith Boyle of , a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. Your heart will swoon when she talks about belonging and significance. And check out Marcilie’s upcoming free class,
6 Obstacles to Peaceful, Positive Parenting (and how to get around them), at

Video Link:


Sonia Sommer: Reclaiming Your Soul After Motherhood

August 20, 2017

Our souls go through so much when we walk through the initiation of becoming a mom. Sonia Sommer, modern-day Shaman and friend from down under at, says that many of us actually become dismembered on a soul level when we become moms and forget to reclaim and rebuild ourselves. Tune in for a shamanic journey to reclaim and restore your soul no matter where you on the motherhood journey. (which sounds way more woo-woo than it is!). And make sure to check out Sonia’s new program called Soul Power at

Video Link:


Your Brain on Parenting with Natasha Khazanov

August 13, 2017

Enjoy one of the most popular episodes of the Mama Truth Show while Amy is away on summer vacation with her family. She'll be back next week with a new episode! 


Amy talks with neuroscientist & psychologist, Natasha Khazanov, about how our brains influence the way we mother and the way our children show up. She reveals her new SMARRT methodology to help us parent from the Inside Out!) Learn more about Natasha at


Tami Hackbarth: 100% Guilt Free Self-Care

August 6, 2017

Meet Tami Hackbarth, the 100% Guilt Free Self-Care coach. She interviewed 100 everyday women about self-care and the results were shocking and fascinating! Tune in to hear the tale and get inspired to deepen your own self-care. When mama’s happy, the family is happy. :)

Get Tami’s weekly self-care secrets at

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Katie Hurley: How to Raise Happy Kids

July 30, 2017

Oh, mamas, the world can be such a stressful, pressure-filled place for our little ones! How can we help them navigate it all? And what can we do to raise happy humans? Join me for this call with parenting expert, Katie Hurley, psychotherapist and author of The Happy Kid Handbook, filled with tangible tools to help you lessen the stress and anxiety and increase the happiness and joy.

Check out all of Katie’s work at

Video Link:


13 Lucky Years of Love and Marriage: The Lessons

July 23, 2017

Last week was my 13th wedding anniversary. 13 years, people! Along the way through wedded bliss and wedded sh*tstorms, I’ve learned a few key lessons. Tune in to hear today’s show--you’re going to LOVE it when I talk about the temptation to turn against my husband and what it taught me about self-love.

(Today’s show was originally broadcast as a Facebook LIVE which I do every Wednesday at 9:30am PT/ 12:30pm ET on my page at enjoy!)


Liyana Silver: The Feminine Genius of Motherhood

July 16, 2017

How can we, as moms, use our feminine genius to wake up and turn on in an even deeper way? Join Amy as she interviews Liyana Silver, author of the new book Feminine Genius, for a provocative discussion about our femininity, the dark sides of our souls and the opportunity we have to raise our children to have empowering belief systems from day 1. This interview is deep, soulful and filled with huge AHAs! Visit Liyana’s work at





Mothering During Dark Nights of the Soul

July 9, 2017

Life happens. The dark nights come. Death. Loss. Divorce. Tragedy. Crisis. It’s part of the cycles of your life and mine. Tune in to hear about my recent “dark night of the soul” and how I navigated it while still be being a mom, wife, coach and more.



Kate Winch: Tap Away the Overwhelm, Guilt and Resentment of Motherhood

July 2, 2017

Join Amy and Kate and melt away any overwhelm, guilt or resentment in this full blown tapping experience! Make sure to download the free handout that goes over the tapping points at You’ll love Kate Winch of who has been tapping for over a decade now and has witnessed firsthand with herself and her clients the power of tapping (AKA Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT).