The Amy Ahlers Show

Ep. 209: Julie Santiago: Are You Ready To Awaken?

May 18, 2018

The Amy Ahlers Show is especially for ambitious, soulful, women that are ready to STOP being so hard on themselves, release self-bullying and embrace their Inner Wisdom.

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My dear soul sister, Julie Santiago, recently released her powerful book, Awaken, which outlines the six sacred steps that every woman must walk in order to remember who they are, what they want, and why they’re here.

Julie is a former Wall Street trader turned spiritual seeker, teacher, coach, and inspirational guide who guides women to break through fear and follow their hearts.

Julie always reminds me that there is something “more” to life and has a way of reminding me of my Truth.

If you’ve been searching for what’s next in your life and you’re ready to awaken to who you truly are join us for this soulful conversation where we:

  • Reveal the six sacred steps to awakening to your truth
  • Talk about the power of acceptance and how it is required if you want to change anything and everything in your life
  • The impact of systemic racism and sexism and how the inner work will help create change on a massive scale...your spiritual growth isn’t just “love and light” work, this is world changing work.

Go to to discover Julie's new book, AWAKEN, and get delighted by her powerful story and six sacred steps.


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